Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HD natural lighting experiment!

Have any of you seen the HD lights and wondered if they work??? Well I always have and I was a skeptic. I notice though that even though alot of my pictures may look subdued and maybe even a flair of romance to it, lol, you couldn't always tell the colors. Thanks to some feedback on the latest shoe looking pink and more for a girl (it still could go either way) I bought one to try it and have taken pictures with the indoor lamp lighting (top) and the HD natural light (bottom). Judge for yourself, it amazingly shows you the colors with great clarity. Anyone doing artwork or anything that has to do with colors I recommend one or do your work in the daytime by a window :) I on the other hand do not always have the luxury to do my work during the day, so for those night workers or those that do not have a window by there work area, I highly recommend. Oh did I mention they have some this week at Michaels 66% off!!!


Jen said...

OMG!!!! I love this shoe. Is this your design or did you find the pattern on-line. I would love to make these for my nieces babyshower...These are the cutest ever. TFS

Dilsaver Designs said...

Thank you Jen, it is my design. I had to do many templates to get the paper to fold correctly and actually look like a shoe, lol. It was kinda a pain but when you the get the results you are looking for it is very satisfying :) This was a tough one and is still a work in progress!! Thanks again for all your wonderful input :)