Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okay so I have a few awards to share and to thank my fellow bloggers for. You are all so kind to think of my and I truly appreciate it. I hope I got them all and am not forgetting anyone!! Okay lets see if I can do the math :)

Thank you D.L. Art
This one I need to pass on to 5 other people

Thank you Gloria, I feel the same in return

Thank the person who gave this to you and
award it to the people who stop by and comment

Thank you Gloria and Tina

Thank the person who gave this to you,
tell 7 things about yourself and
share with 15 people, AAhh that's 30 right :)

Thank you Gloria

Share 3 things about myself
and share with 3-5 people

Okay so if my calculations are correct I need to be sharing this with 40 plus my frequent commenter's and share 17 things about myself :)

Firstly though I don't want the people who gave me these to get lost in all this writing:

Gloria- Girlia's Cards, the kindest soul you will ever virtually meet :)
Diana- D.L. Art, who I have only just recently met, one of my fellow DT members for CTO and just very sweet :)
Tina- Tina's Craft Creations, always a wonderful supporter and all around kind gal :)

For now I will give the BFB Blogger award:
Gloria!!!! I want you to be recognized (the one who gave me this award) as always a top commenter and I truly appreciate it. I am just putting your name so you don't have to re-issue the award :)

In no particular order:

There are so many more of you but this post is getting crazy long, if anyone has even got this far you definitely deserve to be on the above list, lol. I will try and post the rest later and thank you everyone for the wonderful acknowledgement and making the blogger world so fantastic!!


VICTORIA said...

Whew you got a lot of posting to do girl. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. MY husband has lost 35 pounds and he started 4 months ago. I just started 8 weeks ago. When we go grocery shopping we like to go by the deli and smell the wonderful food smells yummy then we look at each other grin and walk off. Silly us. I seen a crispy creme rasberry fill donut and i about broke. Those things are so good. But anyways gotta go HAGD Victoria :)

Kiehn said...

Wow thank you its an honor to have this award...i love visiting your blog, and thank you for always visiting mine..


Dilsaver Designs said...

Victoria did you just call me a HAG, lol, just kidding! That is a great accomplishment, those little things that you think can't be bad are always the worst :) WAY TO GO to you and your husband, it is wonderful to have that support system!!!

Tina, you very welcome, thank you for being such a great supporter :)

girlia said...

Lucianna, I truly feel the same way about you as well. The kindest person you will virtually meet (I just loved your phrasing that I had to use it)

DIANA L. said...

Congrats!!! You deserve them all.
I love your design

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Congrats on your awards and thank you for passing one along to me!

VICTORIA said...

I know how come i didn't see my name it was because i looked at the links beside the names and thought it was a different Victoria. But i see now it was a typo Diane's link is on my name. Hugsss and thank you for the award. Victoria :) :)

VICTORIA said...

Sorry it was Diana i made a typo too. Victoria :)