Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B & W Steampunk Card tutorial

Christy from Tiddly Inks had some people ask about the B&W Steampunk card that I did and how I did it, so she asked me if I did tutorials. I put together this tutorial hoping to help with how it was done. Reminder- I am in no way an expert, I am just showing how I did it (which I consider a cheater method) but with 4 kids you need to work quickly :) Please forgive my loud voice, it was right by my face when I was recording, lol. I hope this helps and if there are any questions please feel free to ask at anytime!! Have a great day :)


My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

Thanks Lucianna for the video! It is really beautiful! I just recently found Tiddlyinks via your blog and I LOVE the images! I don't have many fun coloring tools but after seeing this video, I think I need to go shopping! Thanks for the inspiration!