Thursday, February 17, 2011

Umbrella Tutorial

Okay so this is my first try at the video tutorials, so please be kind ;) This is just the tutorial for the umbrella, I will be doing the cart soon. I didn’t do measurements so I have to come up with a template for everyone. I saw a picture of something like this on a blog or a website of a flower cart a long time ago and just went with what I remembered and made up my own measurements. It is in the works and will be up soon though. Below the tutorial you will find the link to the umbrella template. I hope everything is in working order, lol

Here is the umbrella/parasol template below to work from, just paste and go to the site.

***Please do not share, pass off as your own or sale for personal gain. I ask that you please send them here for the link. Thank you for understanding.***

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or constructive feedback :) please leave it on this post. Or if you think I should never do a video again, that is okay also, lol. I hope this helps in understanding the umbrella portion of it. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day :)

Update!!!! I found the blog where I saw the flower cart and they actually have tons of templates and more wonderfully cute carts for download, including the measurements and template for there flower cart. Sue Berker put these wonderful templates together,


VICTORIA said...

I love the umbrella Lucianna. Great tuturiol. I will have to try that. TFS. Victoria :)

girlia said...

You are truly amazing. tutorial is great.