Sunday, May 22, 2011

Supply List

Okay, I have taken picture of some items you will need, you may already have them in your house.

1. Colored pencils- Prismacolor, Crayola, Artist's Loft etc. (wax based pencil)

2. OMS or Baby Oil- for blending color. I have also heard Goo-Gone works (non-toxic/citrus smell)

3. Blending Stump
If anyone has any question please let me know, the blending stumps and OMS can be found at most craft store's in the art supply section. I have not used baby oil or goo gone, but it is suppose to work the same way and is non-toxic. We only use a little bit at a time, so you only need a travel sized bottle or borrow some from a neighbor ;) If you do have questions, you can either email me or leave it on the post and I will get back to you, dilsaverdesigns at yahoo dot com. The picture will be sent out soon :)


DIANA L. said...

Looking forward to seeing the picture, It is great you are trying something new.

Jessica Buffa said...

So happy to have you stop by my blog and offer your kind words re: CTO challenge. Thanks.
Happy to be a new follower!

girlia said...

Just gotta get my blending stump!